Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

"Welcoming People into God's Fun, Loving, Family"

As a church we want to do whatever we can to help you move along in your journey. Most people think church is too boring, too intimidating or just not relevant for their life. We believe the exact opposite. Creek Road Community Church is focused on helping you take your next step towards Christ. 

Vision Statement

"To Inspire People from All Walks of Life to Join Us in Our Faith in Jesus Christ"

We understand that every person is different. We don't all learn the same, have the same preferences or  strengths and weaknesses. We are all not at the same level of spiritual maturity in Christ. But we are called in scripture, as a church, to build one another up... to encourage one another toward growth in Christ and His word... to spur one another toward love and good deeds... to help each other grow in righteousness.  Faith in Jesus Christ is what binds us all together, in spite of our differences, and help us become more like Him in the context of our loving community here in Delavan.